Are you comfortable asking and answering the key questions to help your clients make better business decisions?  

1.        If you had “X” dollars to invest in the real estate market in Las Vegas, how would you do it? How would you take advantage of the markets down turn?   

2.        How many clients do you have that you write offers daily regarding buying residential properties in distress?  If your answer is none —this means you have not asked enough people if they would like to purchase property at a greatly reduced price. Now is the time for your clients to rebuild their real estate holdings. Call your sphere! Specialize in an area and price range. You will be surprised on how many people want to learn how they can benefit from the real estate downturn.  

3.        Can you answer these questions based on the area of town that you are most familiar with:

        a.        What would you consider a price per sq/ft steal?

        b.        What would you consider a price point steal?

        c.        What did people pay for these homes or homes like it in 2002?

        d.        How much would it cost to build a home like this today?

        e.        What is the approximate rental income on a home like this in this area?

        f.         Based on today’s interest rates what loan amount would cash flow itself based on the approximate rental income and expenses?   

4.        How many listing presentations have you completed last week on homes that were purchased in 2002 or earlier?  What ever you focus on will be the type of business you drive to yourself. You work hard for your clients to save them money, time and aggravation you need to do the same for yourself.  Know your plan and work your plan!  

5.        Are you dwelling on the problem or are you focused on the solution? Come from strength not weakness. There are approximately 650,000 home owners in Las Vegas, about 850,000 total homes and approximately 27,000 properties for sale. This means there are a lot of people who need your help, advice and expertise to achieve their goals who may not even been thinking of selling or buying a home as of yet.     

6.        Are you staying ahead of the market curve as it pertains to price reductions? If you care be firm and honest. Your clients may not like the news you are delivering them, but it is the truth!  

7.     Are you aggressively staying in touch with your pre-approved buyers? When you have a pre-approved buyer do not let them out of your sight. They need to know you are available 24/7, within reason.  Be aggressive, helpful and informed.